Helping you grow, thrive, and flourish…

Proof Positive has five specific areas of expertise that we use to focus on our clients and help them recognize and achieve what is possible.

Depending on a client’s needs and resources, Proof Positive designs customized learning journeys that may include 1:1 coaching, small-group training, workshops, train-the-trainer sessions, and/or keynote presentations for larger groups. With the flexibility to offer our clients a full range of learning solutions, Proof Positive delivers plans that will fit your schedule and budget.

How We Help
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Here are detailed descripitions of our five areas of expertise as well as a few samples sessions…

  • Proof Positive Psychology brings the science and skills of human flourishing to life in an actionable and achievable way. By utilizing decades of research on behavior change and analysis, focused and customized solutions ensure that individuals, teams, and organizations enjoy lasting positive change. Happiness, well-being, thriving, and flourishing are skills. Just like you learned to ride a bike or manage your finances, you can learn to live happily and ensure success. Positive psychology is the scientific study of the strengths and virtues that enable individuals and communities to thrive. This is not a one-time training or quick fix; Proof Positive Psychology is about empowering you to make positive changes that stick.

    Focused and customized application of the science of flourishing, with applied behavior analytics to produce lasting results for individuals, teams, and organizations.

    Sample Sessions:

    Growing Gratitude

    Picture This: Visualize to Thrive

    Savor Life’s Moments: Enhance Joy, Love, and Purpose

  • Proof Positive Education fuses the cutting-edge science of positive psychology (sometimes referred to as non-cognitive skills or social emotional skills) with best-practice teaching to enhance the well-being, resilience, and performance of all students, teachers, support staff, administrators, and parents. We know that you do well when you feel well. Thriving students learn better. Flourishing teachers provide richer learning environments. Proof Positive Education teaches the skills to boost your happiness and help you be at your best. Proof Positive Education guarantees that schools Learn It, Live It, Teach It, Embed It, and Measure It so that a focus on well-being becomes a fluid part of the school’s culture.

    Sample Sessions:

    The Intersection of Academics and Well-being

    A Neuroscience Exploration of Growth Mindset

    Character Strengths — The Science of What’s Right with You

    Habits for Success: Dissect, Explore, and Create Habits

  • Proof Positive Performance opens the world of performance psychology up to all. Once reserved for elite performers, this program helps you learn the skills and strategies to perform at your highest possible level. With Proof Positive Performance, each program is customized to help you achieve your unique goals. From youth to college athletes, dancers, writers, and speakers alike, there is a science to delivering excellence, and we have the skills for you. Take control of your mental game and watch as your success soars.

    Sample Sessions:

    Goal Setting Is Not Enough, Goal Accomplishment Is

    Control Your Mind to Boost Your Game

    When Things Aren’t Working: Team-Based Problem Solving

    Relax Your Body, Relax Your Mind

  • Proof Positive Relationships was designed by a team that understands that in a world of connectivity, human beings are feeling less and less connected to one another. Proof Positive Relationships provides you with the skills to build strong, lasting, and trusting relationships. For kids, having one trusted adult can make a huge difference. Later in life, strong, professional relationships can impact promotions, sales, and collaboration. Throughout your life, personal relationships affect your well-being and happiness on a daily basis. Other people matter. Let us help you connect to those who matter most to you.

    Sample Sessions:

    Savor, Share, and Showcase the Good

    Barriers and Building Blocks of Trust

    Design Thinking for Family Values: Bring Meaning to Your Home

  • Proof Positive Resilience recognizes that everyone experiences setbacks, failures, and loss. We also know that everyone handles adversity differently. Proof Positive Resilience focuses on the evidence-based building blocks of resilience (trusting relationships, self-awareness, self-regulation, optimism, and mindsets) and teaches strategies that target each building block to ensure individuals bounce back no matter what the world throws at them or how resilient they might be. With proven strategies, we can help everyone learn to make the most out of life’s obstacles. Proof Positive Resilience believes that bouncing back is not enough; we help individuals, families, and teams grow and thrive in the face of adversity.

    Sample Sessions:

    Cognitive Bias Effects Reality

    Avoid Thinking Traps and Think Things Through

    Pathways to Positivity: The Role of Positive Emotion

    What’s My Brain Thinking?