What has Proof Positive done for people?

Proof PositiveIt’s easy to tell you how we can help, but we also know success is measured by results. In fact, it’s something we hang our hat on. That’s why we’re providing you with a look at the numbers to show how Proof Positive has helped our clients flourish.

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Proof Positive has trained…

Proof Positive

Nearly 1,000 educators

90% see value in Proof Positive
Psychology for their lives.

92% see value in Proof Positive
Education for their classrooms.

90% see value in Proof Positive
Education for their school.

94% see value in Proof Positive
Education for their district.
Proof Positive

Dozens of families

100% believed the training made their families more positive.

96% saw value in Proof Positive Relationships skills.

99% reported improvements in day-to-day interactions.

100% were interested in additional Proof Positive trainings.
Proof Positive

First Responders and Volunteers

100% believed the Proof Positive Resilience program taught them valuable skills.

94% believed the skills they learned will improve their squads’ resilience.

100% believed the training was well designed and customized to their needs.

Proof Positive

50+ school administrators

95% see value in Proof Positive Education.

100% believed the Proof Positive trainer was well prepared, knowledgeable, and responsive to their questions.

99%  learned skills they believe would improve their lives and leadership.
Proof Positive

College athletes and teams

100% believed Proof Positive Performance enhanced their game.

100% of coaches reported improvements in team dynamics.

85% reported using Proof Positive skills in their studies.
Proof Positive

Corporate teams

92% saw value in the Proof Positive Psychology trainings.

95% saw value in Proof Positive Relationships skills.

89% learned skills they believed would improve their leadership.

100% were interested in additional Proof Positive trainings.

And here are just a few comments
from Proof Positive clients…

  • “I am so grateful for everything Proof Positive did to make this retreat a success. It began months ago with the instruction and support of the Positive Education leaders and continued with your passion, drive, and expertise.”
    — Superintendent

  • “One of the most outstanding and enjoyable professional development sessions I have attended in a very long time.”
    — School Administrator

  • “I have never seen my son so happy. The time Proof Positive spent with him is literally changing the way he interacts with everyone in our house. He woke up singing to himself yesterday and didn’t cry or get frustrated about going to school.”
    — Parent of dyslexic child

  • “This was the best class I have ever attended. More specifically, I enjoyed that we were split into random groups, which forced us to work and communicate with people we don’t typical go to. I also enjoyed being called on to volunteer for the skit in front of the group, as it took me out of my comfort zone and allowed me to communicate with someone new.”
    — EMS Captain

  • “This day taught me that positive thinking is a choice, and when you do it, you will have a happier life. Katie is an amazing teacher. She is super passionate and engaging. I believe that ALL regions need to attend this training.”
    — Lululemon Store Manager

  • “Katie’s training on resilience could not have come at a better time. We were just starting a new year, and staff morale was low. Working with students with disabilities, we needed all the positive energy we could get. Katie’s workshop was fun, interactive, relevant, and gave us the tools we needed to move forward with a positive and productive attitude.”
    — Transition Coordinator, EPIC School

  • “We need this. We need more of this. The concrete nature of the skills Proof Positive teaches is exactly what the tech world needs more of. This was fantastic, and we need more of it.”
    — Founder of Palantir Technologies

  • “My daughter has played sports for decades and had many coaches and experiences. I have never heard her talk about anyone or thing the way she has talked about this Proof Positive Psychology stuff. She actually calls me, from college, to tell me about the sessions and what she is learning. It is like she has come to life, not just on the field but also in our relationship. Thank you for being an inspiration in our daughter’s life.”
    — Parent of collegiate athlete