Flourishing is not for the lucky few;
it is for everyone.

Who We Help

The Proof Positive model is designed to help anyone who is striving to “live the good life.” We provide customized training, coaching, and mentoring in the science and skills of positive psychology to allow people and organizations to grow and thrive in the face of real-life challenges, take control of and increase their well-being, and reconnect to the purpose of life… and to one another.

Proof Positive is more than a curriculum, speech or workshop. We work closely with each and every client to cultivate strong relationships of trust and respect. We work to understand your needs, strengths, hopes, and goals. From that, customized learning journeys are designed to ensure you reach your full potential. Each program draws on the latest science in positive psychology and is based on the principals of behavior and motivation to ensure lasting results.

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So, who do we help?



Looking for a coaching/mentor relationship? Learn the skills and practices of positive psychology to improve every facet of your life.



Family dynamics can be challenging — but they don’t have to be. Every member of your family brings unique strengths to the table; learn to recognize and celebrate those strengths. Family brings meaning to life, so use that to better design and live your personal family values. Families interested in fostering loving, trusting, and honest relationships, setting children up for success in school and life, and focusing on wellbeing at home can greatly benefit from the Proof Positive approach.



Schools recognize there is more to education than how well a child does on a test. New federal standards encourage schools to measure more than grades. With social emotional learning on the forefront of school leaders’ minds, now is the time to engage in an evidence-based, customized solution — Proof Positive Education. Schools interested in applying the science of positive psychology to enhance teacher well-being and equip teachers with the science and skills to enhance student well-being, resilience, and performance can benefit from Proof Positive’s unique approach.



Stressed out, tired, burned out… let us help you and your group manage work/life balance with greater ease. Learn skills to improve resilience, well-being, and work performance — and flourish while you are doing it! The Proof Positive way will ensure you live the values of your organization and stay true to yourself as well.



That’s right… Proof Positive is in a position to help anyone improve his or her life and well-being with fully customizable strategies and proven results. Contact us today to find out more about us — and more about how we can help you flourish.

Here we’ve provided a few success stories
that go into a little more detail about what
Proof Positive has done…

  • Breakfast and What Went Well

    As a result of our October 9 Proof Positive Education session, the science department has implemented breakfast Fridays. We have set up a calendar for the remainder of the school year, alternating a different department member each Friday. That department member is responsible for bringing in breakfast for the rest of the department. We meet in the prep room a little earlier than contract time and spend 10 – 15 minutes catching up as a department, eating breakfast, drinking coffee, etc. During this time, we also fill out a “What went well” chart, where we get to share positive experiences that we have had over the week. It has boosted both our department morale and unity greatly. We are collaborating better than ever, and this provides us a chance to really get to know one another in a meaningful way. It also helps that the training provided skills for how to respond to peoples’ good news in a way that enhances relationships!

  • A Break from Physics to Talk Positivity

    RHS, a high school that has been working closely with the Proof Positive Education team for two years, has experienced many successes, but this one is huge! In AP physics, the teacher who serves as a Positive Education leader asked students to take the Positivity Ratio as a way to start a conversation around well-being. The teacher and several students were struck by the low ratios of positivity many of the students shared. As a class, they committed to creating independent positivity portfolios (a collection of things that bring them joy at home or at school). They had the option to keep the portfolio to themselves or share it with the teacher and class. They agreed to start each class with sharing positive news, and monitoring their ratios on a bi-weekly basis. The students recently nominated this Positive Education leader for Teacher of the Month in their district. The nomination read, “Mr. B is an amazing physics teacher, but more than physics, he has been teaching us how to be positive in our lives. We are so thankful for his willingness to spend time caring about us. We love the positivity and how it has helped us bond.”

  • What Have You Done?

    At my last parent teacher conference, several of my 4th grade son’s teachers asked that very question — what have you done? The answer: hire Proof Positive to work with all three of my boys and us as a family. The teachers could not believe the positive shift they had seen in my son. Once seen as a kid who couldn’t sit still, called out, and was often too rambunctious for his own good, he was now being described as a young man with great self-regulation and a new sense of character. Proof Positive helped us to identify that our 9-year-old was not a troublemaker, but rather, ZEST is his top character strength. We are now able to provide opportunities for his strength in the appropriate environments and channel that energy more productively at school. This shift in perspective is just one example of what Proof Positive has done for our family.

  • Team Building Through Positivity

    Since the training Proof Positive led for our region, I have felt equipped with tools and resources around positive emotion to elevate the conversations, experiences, and atmosphere of my store. What I found most interesting was how new the research is around positive emotion. What I found most surprising was the imbalanced number of words in our language that are negative versus positive. What I found most inspiring is how much power we have to shift the ratio of positive and negative emotion in our life. My team loved creating the positivity portfolio and learning small actions we can take to increase our positive emotion so we are more productive people in our workplace and happier people in our day-to-day lives. Katie has an awesome sense of humor and a down-to-earth approach, making the training both accessible and engaging for my team.

  • Success in Track and Field

    The Proof Positive training has translated not only in my school work, but also in my role as the track coach. The PHS track and field teams talked a lot about positive emotion this year. The team constantly talked about “What Went Well” after practices and meets. There was extensive discussion about avoiding thinking traps, and also what we can and can’t control in our lives and in our performance. Specifically, when breaking down race videos, we discussed the impact that personalizing and magnifying can have when it comes to analyzing performance. Ready Resilience was a big part of our race strategy, as fighting counterproductive thoughts before, during and after is a huge key to performing well. With the jumpers, I made it a point to use positive imagery, asking my athletes to visualize the perfect jump prior to competition. The results have been incredible!