wellbeing wins

Proof Positive is a leading non-profit organization dedicated to improving the wellbeing of autistic people and their families, providers and communities.

We Believe

wellbeing is a skill to be learned and that everyone, including those with autism, deserves the opportunity to flourish.

We Advance

and share research at the intersection of positive psychology and autism intervention.

We Build

strategic alliances with schools, autism organizations, and researchers to improve quality of life outcomes.

We Expand

access to programs and practices to make the science and skills of happiness available to all.

positively proven

Happiness is a skill — it is more than a personality trait, a mood or state of being. Happiness can be learned and practiced, and its skills should be accessible to all.  The science of positive psychology tells us there are five critical elements to human flourishing: positive emotions, engagement, relationships, meaning and  accomplishment — the PERMA Theory of Wellbeing.

Many individuals and organizations now embrace the science and skills of happiness. Yet, the research shows that autistic individuals are being left behind. People living with autism report lower levels of life satisfaction and higher rates of depression and anxiety than the typical population. Under and unemployment is prevalent, and many autistic individuals report feeling lonely. While adoption of evidence-based practices and autism interventions has increased in the last 15 years, wellbeing outcomes remain unacceptably low.

Proof Positive wants to improve outcomes by making the science and skills of happiness readily available to the autism community. Through a skills-based practice, individuals build upon their strengths to enhance wellbeing and develop resilience. Proof Positive is focused on customizing these skills and making certain they are accessible to all.

We envision a world where wellbeing wins.

our mission

To spread the science and skills of happiness.

our values

Wellbeing Wins

We champion and prioritize wellbeing for all.

Lean into Learning

We embrace risk and innovation in our pursuit to learn and grow.

Mindful Urgency

We work purposefully and intentionally to improve wellbeing outcomes … now.

People Matter

We embrace joy and human connection as the foundation of our alliances.

our start

Proof Positive founders, Christina Kirby and Josh Kulkin, envision a world where people with autism and their families benefit from the science of happiness, just as they have in recent years. While watching their son, Dylan, struggle to find joy, engagement, and positive relationships as a child, they were inspired to innovate. They recruited a team who not only embraced this intersection of positive psychology and evidence-informed autism practices, but built a successful program to meet Dylan’s educational, social and emotional needs. Today, Dylan is flourishing and learning. He has friends, hobbies and community, and practices the skills of happiness every day. On any given day, you might catch him meditating, writing in his “happy me” journal or talking about his strengths. Now, Christina and Josh want to share this approach far and wide.