Wellbeing Survey

This survey helps track where you are in each aspect of wellbeing and point to areas where you might want to make changes. Don’t overthink your answers — simply select how you feel today on a scale of 0-10 with 10 being VERY WELL! Use this tool to monitor wellbeing over time.

Smiling Face Icon
How much joy, gratitude, serenity, or love have you felt lately?
Brain Icon
How much time are you spending on things that interest you?
Hugging People Icon
How good are your relationships with the people in your life?
People Icon
How connected do you feel to something larger than yourself?
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How are you feeling about the goals you have set in your life?
Health Icon
How are you feeling physically — getting enough sleep, nutritious food, and movement?

This Month's Featured Skill

PERMA+ Snapshot is all about reflecting and tracking the essential elements of wellbeing. When our community, including people with autism and educators, regularly tracks their wellbeing, it leads to practicing the skills that can boost wellbeing.

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