Proof Positive works at the intersection of autism and wellbeing.

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flourishing goal

Dr. Martin Seligman, the father of positive psychology, set a goal that by 2050, 51% of the world’s population will be flourishing. Proof Positive is working to advance that goal by ensuring that the more than 75 million people on the planet living with autism, and their loved ones are not left behind.

There are hundreds of studies looking at the pathways to wellbeing, though very few are asking questions about autistic individuals and the communities that surround them. Over the past 30 years, autism and wellbeing have individually been well researched. It is our work to merge the two fields.

A disproportionate number of people with autism struggle with anxiety, depression, and loneliness. Traditional autism services are designed to address deficits, with little focus on wellbeing. While skill development is important, and shoring up weaknesses is a must, we believe both can be improved by adding a wellbeing focus. Prioritizing wellbeing will increase learning trajectories and produce happier, more engaged individuals. Proof Positive sees an opportunity to develop resilience, enhance wellbeing, and improve the quality of life for autistic individuals and the communities that support them.

Positive psychology is the scientific study of human strengths and virtues. It examines who we are at our best and how to promote the good life. It is the study of what enables humans, communities, and organizations to thrive and flourish. The science has proven to be effective for many populations including athletes, soldiers, and healthcare providers — most notably, with students and educators in an international movement known as Positive Education. Now, Proof Positive aims to bring the science and skills to life for autistic individuals and those who love and support them.

Proof Positive is committed to bridging the gap between the research in autism and positive psychology through partnership, collaboration, and creating open-access to the science and skills that work.