Karra Lang

For Karra Lang, wellbeing wins for all. For her, that wellbeing must extend to all people, all animals, and all of nature, our planet.

Rooted by a lifelong love of animals, Karra has held a variety of roles in the pet care industry. Early on in her professional career, she began to identify issues with many of the traditional approaches to the wellbeing of pets through their daily care. Driven to help change pet care for the better, she became a certified Positive Reinforcement/Fear Free dog trainer with an interest in educating and influencing pet parents to see a new perspective.

Over time, Karra worked to extend her interest in animal and pet wellbeing to greater human wellbeing, from diet and exercise to communication and understanding. Believing in the possibility of a more holistic, resilience-centered approach, she has taken a particular interest in holistic health and wellness, beginning with proper nutrition. And the way to do that? Through education. Karra believes that spreading knowledge in a creative and honest way is the most important way to create positive change.

As the Administrative Coordinator at Proof Positive, Karra applies her appreciation of beauty and excellence to ensure efficient organizational operations and maintenance. She employs her kindness every day to support the team, and her humor to keep things light, navigating all of the many problem-solving and daily tasks necessary.

Outside of Proof Positive, you may find Karra spending time with her kiddo, cats (Scuba, Tyrion, and Mini Cat) and puppy (Hiccup), reading a new favorite book, or enjoying the creative storytelling narrative of video games in her home in Maryland.