Autism wellbeing nonprofit provides free, science-informed positive psychology resources to advance a more inclusive movement for happiness

New York, March 6, 2024 March 20 isn’t just a date on the calendar; it’s the International Day of Happiness, a United Nations-led global movement promoting happiness and wellbeing for all. To celebrate, Proof Positive, a nonprofit dedicated to spreading the science and skills of happiness, is leading the charge with an inclusive approach to foster wellbeing among autistic people, their families, providers and the communities that care about them.

With the anticipated release of the United Nation’s 2024 Global Happiness Report planned for March 20, society can view happiness as an attainable goal because it can be learned. However, the autism community faces formidable challenges, including higher rates of loneliness, depression and anxiety. Families and caregivers bear the weight of increased stress, while social service providers delivering crucial services are experiencing unprecedented recruitment and retention difficulties. This status quo is unacceptable, and it’s time for a wellbeing revolution within the autism community. Proof Positive aims to advance equality and champion happiness for all by ensuring the autism community is included in the international wellbeing movement. 

“As a partner in disability wellbeing, Proof Positive recognizes the fundamental right to happiness for all individuals, including every member of the autism community,” said  Patricia Wright, Ph.D., MPH, Proof Positive’s executive director and renowned leader in autism and education. “In collaboration with the United Nations and in alignment with the International Day of Happiness, we are committed to spreading science-informed happiness skills that empower individuals to take control of their happiness and wellbeing.” 

Individuals, classrooms, teams and organizations can download Proof Postive’s free International Day of Happiness Toolkit with themed activities and social media posts. The toolkit includes specially designed teaching materials for autistic individuals, including visual supports and modifiable lessons for different learning styles. Everyone can begin to learn about happiness through the activity “What Kind of Happy Are You?” with posters, flashcards and more to celebrate the International Day of Happiness on this important day and every day.

“We’re encouraging everyone to download the free activity, participate in their communities and help spread the science and skills of happiness,” said Katie Curran, MAPP and Proof Positive’s Chief Wellbeing Officer. “Together, we can create a world where wellbeing wins for all.”

Furthermore, Proof Positive will also team up with its Autism Wellbeing Alliance members to create International Day of Happiness events across the country to showcase their good work and efforts to help elevate the wellbeing of their local communities:

Through learning about Positive Emotions, practicing happiness skills and spreading joy through social media, participants can contribute to the wellbeing revolution and ensure happiness is accessible.

For more information on how to get involved and champion happiness within the autism community, visit

About Proof Positive
Proof Positive is a national nonprofit improving the wellbeing of autistic people and their families, providers and communities by providing free, evidence-informed resources to learn the science and practice the skills of wellbeing. Learn more at

Join the Autism Wellbeing Alliance
Proof Positive is actively building an alliance of like-minded partner organizations, universities and research institutes, as well as the movement of individual educators, parents, and autistic individuals to ensure the autism community isn’t left behind. Our Autism Wellbeing Alliance collaborates to increase the total tonnage of happiness in the world. Together, we are working to ensure people are empowered to take control of their own wellbeing, and to promote the wellbeing of others. Join us

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