We’re excited to introduce our new “Guide on the Side” resource, specifically designed to complement the beloved Pixar movie Inside Out in anticipation of its upcoming sequel, Inside Out 2. This resource is a curated collection of science-informed activities for you, your students, your classroom, and the broader autism community to practice skills that can enhance wellbeing.

Our Guide on the Side is designed to make learning about happiness and wellbeing fun and engaging. By connecting with the characters and stories in Inside Out, we can better understand emotions and wellbeing, and in turn, learn how to develop wellbeing skills for ourselves.

Happiness can be learned! Let’s practice and learn how (with movie popcorn on the side).

What’s Inside the Guide?

Our Guide on the Side is packed with engaging activities that bring the science of wellbeing to life. Each activity is linked to specific scenes from Inside Out, making it easy to integrate into your classroom or at home. You can watch the movie in full and then engage with the activities or pause after key scenes to dive into the exercises. Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll find:

  • Positive Emotions Scavenger Hunt: Be on the lookout for the 10 positive emotions displayed by the characters. Use our worksheet to track and explore these emotions, helping you recognize and appreciate positivity in your own life.

  • Character Strengths Web: Create a strengths web by identifying and appreciating the various character strengths exhibited in key scenes. This activity encourages self-reflection and recognition of personal strengths.

  • Gratitude Scenes: Focusing on what went well can help us find a balance in what we focus on day-to-day. You’ll pick scenes from the movie where a character expresses gratitude, fostering gratitude and positive reflection.

  • Wellbeing Scenes: Explore wellbeing by analyzing characters’ experiences across the PERMA+ model (Positive Emotions, Engagement, Relationships, Mattering, Accomplishment, and +Health). This activity helps you understand and reflect on your own wellbeing.

  • Gratitude Letter Writing: Inspired by poignant moments in the movie, this activity encourages you to write a gratitude letter to a movie, show, book, or character you’re thankful for. Writing gratitude letters can enhance your connection with others who have positively impacted your life.

Get Started Today!

Download the guide and start exploring today. Let’s look at our brains from the “Inside Out” and discover the joy of learning and practicing happiness together!

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