Forbes may have said it best, the future of work is wellbeing. No surprise that wellbeing has become a focus of the workplace as we have all weathered a worldwide pandemic, continued economic unrest, and a rapidly changing work environment. Today’s workforce is interested and needs access to resources to implement the skills of wellbeing into their workday and home life.  One organization Rethink Cares is promoties thriving at work by providing evidence-based tools, e-learning, and clinical support for working parents, caregivers, and their families. Proof Positive was invited to join Rethink Cares to deliver a webinar on wellbeing to their corporate community.

Our own Katie Curran was joined by over 1000 professionals from around the world to learn wellbeing skills on the webinar Thriving at Work and at Life.

Attendee comments included:

That was absolutely one of the most informative webinars on positivity that I have ever heard or attended. 

I look forward to receiving the replay of it, to listen to it again and share with my husband. 

Proof Positive knows that by working collaboratively with other organizations we can have a greater impact. We are grateful for the invitation from Rethink Cares to join their team for a day. We welcome the opportunity to build alliances with other organizations committed to the wellbeing of communities. Our tent is large and welcoming!

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