Proof Positive’s mission is to spread the science and skills of happiness. We encourage you to visit our Skills Center and join us in implementing effective practices to improve your wellbeing. We are committed to promoting effective, evidence-informed wellbeing practices. This brings us to the second aspect of our mission – science. We promote evidence-informed practices which means practices that are guided by research. And, while there are hundreds (maybe even thousands!) of research studies on wellbeing, there are very few that include autistic individuals and the communities that surround them.

Proof Positive wants to be part of the movement to change this, to ensure people with autism and those that love them are represented in the research. We have joined, the National Research Consortium on MHIDD, which shares this desire for inclusivity. The goal of the National Research Consortium (NRC) is to improve the mental health and wellbeing of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, their families, and communities. This goal is accomplished through the following research priorities:

    1. positive psychology and strengths-based practices;
    2. evidence-based interventions to promote well-being;
    3. participatory approaches to research;
    4. cultural and linguistic competence;
    5. interdisciplinary and patient partnerships.

Proof Positive recently attended the annual NRC meeting held at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. This meeting included people with disabilities, researchers, community members, and social service professionals from all over the country. A committed group of people who truly believe that science should be inclusive and that research needs to be conducted to learn about improving the wellbeing of people with IDD. Researchers shared their studies on the topics of improving disability access to positive psychology assessments and interventions to improve the psychological flexibility of autistic adults and improving access to therapeutic counseling for people with moderate intellectual disabilities. It was inspiring to be with so many people with a shared commitment to the idea that wellbeing can win!

The National Research Consortium continues to fund research on effective wellbeing practices for people with IDD and Proof Positive looks forward to putting this work into practice!

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