Proof Positive’s mission is to spread the science and skills of happiness and to bring momentum to the wellbeing movement for the autism community. That’s why we’re so excited to share our feature in Aware Now with you! 

AwareNow™ is a multimedia company and storytelling platform dedicated to creating and sustaining ​positive social change. The April 2024 Vivid edition of Aware Now’s digital magazine features an exclusive interview with Patricia Wright, Proof Positive’s executive director, on page 122. 

In this interview, Patricia talks about: 

  • The first autistic person she met, Shari, and how Shari inspired her to dedicate her career to advocating for individuals with autism
  • Key insights and lessons she’s learned about creating more inclusive communities for autistic individuals and their supporters, such as listening to and following the lead of the autistic community
  • How she approaches the intersection of positive psychology and autism advocacy in her role at Proof Positive 
  • What she sees as critical components for ensuring systems effectively meet the diverse needs of autistic individuals and their families 
  • Some of the most pressing challenges facing the autism community today and possible solutions
  • and more! 

We hope Patricia’s story inspires you to be well. 

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