It’s nearly premiere week for the highly anticipated movie Inside Out 2! Pixar’s 2015 animated movie Inside Out is well known and lauded for its relatable and humorous telling of young Riley’s growing-up story, specifically her many emotional responses to her experiences. Inside Out 2 continues Riley’s journey with her lively emotions—Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear, and Disgust. Since Riley’s a teenager now, new, even more complex emotions are in the mix! 

Disney movies have a long history of engagement among many autistic individuals.

These movies have the unique ability to entertain and educate. The characters resonate with audiences of all ages, offering a perfect opportunity to explore complicated emotions and practice and develop wellbeing skills. We, as viewers, can have personal connections with characters in books, movies, and shows. 

Proof Positive recognizes these character connections as teaching moments for where and how to choose to practice and apply wellbeing skills in our own lives. We love learning alongside Riley, so we created some fun ways to practice the science and skills of wellbeing while watching the movie—complete with popcorn! 

Coming Soon: New Wellbeing-Focused Movie Watch Guide & Resource Bundle! 

This month, we’ll be releasing our new Guide on the Side, a specially curated bundle of science-informed activities designed to help you, your students, and the broader autism community connect with the themes and characters of Inside Out and Inside Out 2. This guide isn’t just about watching a movie; it’s about digging in and turning things “Inside Out” to understand what’s happening in our brains and where we might be able to improve our wellbeing.

By exploring Riley’s and her friends’ challenges, strengths, and emotions, we can start to recognize similar patterns in our lives. This recognition is the first step toward learning to manage and enhance our wellbeing through practical, proven skills like Strength Spotting, which helps you name and notice strengths in others, including your favorite movie characters.

Will you join us in learning about wellbeing alongside Riley and her emotions? Here’s how you can get involved:

  • Rewatch Inside Out: Reflect on Riley’s journey and consider how the science and skills of happiness could enhance her wellbeing.
  • Watch Inside Out 2: Experience Riley and her friends’ new adventures and emotional growth. Out in theaters on June 14th!
  • Download and Use Our Companion Guide: Our Guide on the Side offers tools and activities to help you learn about and practice wellbeing skills in the classroom or at home. Coming soon!
  • Join Our Community: Follow us on social media to stay updated on news and teaching resources and to learn more about enhancing your wellbeing.
  • Save the Date (July 10) for Our Watch Party Webinar: Invite your family, friends, and colleagues—especially those with autism—to join our webinar, where our Chief Wellbeing Officer, Katie Curran, will offer insights on what’s happening inside our (and Riley’s) brain.

Questions to Think About

As you watch or rewatch these movies, consider these questions:

  • What would change if Riley had access to the science and skills of happiness?
  • How can we boost our happiness through wellbeing skills like Strength Spotting (a skill that helps you name and notice strengths in others)?

Stay tuned for more updates, resources, and events as we dive deep into the world of the Inside Out movies. Happiness and wellbeing are within reach—let’s learn how to achieve them together. 

Happy movie-watching!

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