Maurice Snell has worked as a Development Coordinator at De La Salle Institute in Chicago, as a national spokesperson for Easterseals, and is a member of a band called The Naturals. We talked with him and his mother, Jennifer Snell, about Mother’s Day and the importance of relationships for autism wellbeing, including mother-son relationships. 

What is your relationship with/ your mother like?

Maurice: She has always been there for me, helping me become who I am today. She has also always supported me in doing things I wanted to do. 

Jennifer: We are a close family, all four of us. When Maurice was younger, he was dependent on us. Now, he has become such an independent person. 

We always celebrate Mother’s Day. Sometimes, we go out for dinner, but flowers are always involved. My family usually gets me a gift. Sometimes, we go out for breakfast. Maurice and I like to go out to dinner together, to the movies, and to see our favorite singers perform. 

How does your mother make you happy? 

Maurice: She is there for me. 

Jennifer: Our whole family is there for him and each other. It’s the mother who keeps everyone in the family supported and connected, though. 

Can you share some positive memories or experiences with your mother that bring you joy?

Maurice: Being Easterseals national adult representative was one of my great successes in life, as was graduating from college. My mother has supported me in all those things. She knew what I needed even when I was diagnosed with cancer and had a stroke. I am in remission now.

How does your mother make you feel valued and important in her life?

Maurice: My mother is a very important part of my life. I wouldn’t be who I am today if it weren’t for her. She also supports my health, such as when I need to take my medication and go to the doctor. 

How do you support your wellbeing and help yourself stay positive? 

Maurice: Our family depends on spirituality to stay positive. I also have many friends from my previous job at Easterseals and my church. It means a lot to me to go out with them. I’m also in a band called The Naturals, and we like to play music and go to musical events together. 

Thank you, Maurice and Jennifer, for sharing about your relationship and your traditions. Happy Mother’s Day from all of us at Proof Positive! 

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