Remember Justin and Ryan, the brothers with autism who are Disney experts? We chatted with them and their mom, Theresa, to gather their thoughts on Inside Out 2 and Proof Positive’s Movie Guide on the Side.

Watch their video to see how they liked Inside Out 2!

Justin and Ryan told us they still have family movie night every weekend and predicted if there would be a third Inside Out movie (they think yes). They loved talking about easter eggs from the pizza planet truck statue in Joy’s bedroom to the nod to Bing Bong. Again, they pointed out that the movie is missing the emotion of Love. 

After talking about Joy’s Character Strengths [can link to Strength Spot?], we spoke about Jolts of Joy (a skill that intentionally induces joy) and what Ryan and Justin do to boost their own happiness. Ryan likes to see his buddy Anthony at work, and Justin likes to dance. Their family dog is also a source of joy. 

We didn’t talk exactly about the details of each activity in the Guide on the Side, but you know what it did? It sparked discussion about the characters, emotions, and likes and dislikes—just as the Guide is meant to do. 

Theresa chimed in and said the Guide on the Side helped her reflect on times when Ryan and Justin had anxiety, how they coped (going to a quiet space), and what would have been different if they had seen Inside Out and had access to the skills of happiness when they were younger. 

The new character, Anxiety, helped the family reflect on times of anxiety (family vacations, loud places like playing Bingo, etc.). But it also helped them practice gratitude, reflecting on what went well in Ryan and Justin’s friendship and how times were trying, but they’re best friends now. 

Maybe your family won’t use all the activities in the Guide on the Side, but it can bring families closer by talking about wellbeing and navigating emotions from whirlwind anxiety and wondering where love is to appreciating emotions like Sadness and Embarrassment.

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