We released a white paper, “Flourishing With Autism: The Case for Positive Psychology,” addressing the potential wellbeing benefits of positive psychology for the autism community, and we invite you to give it a read. 

It’s part of our mission to advance and share research at the intersection of positive psychology and autism intervention, so here it goes! 

The autism community faces significant challenges, including underperformance in school, under and unemployment, and, for many, lower life satisfaction and higher rates of loneliness, depression, and anxiety. Families and caregivers report increased stress, and the professional workforce providing services and supports is reporting unprecedented challenges with recruitment and retention. This is unacceptable, and it’s time for a wellbeing revolution in the autism community.

Integrating positive psychology into autism services and supports has the power to change these outcomes. We present the case for integrating positive psychology into autism intervention, focusing on wellbeing, life satisfaction, and happiness.

As Proof Positive continues to advocate for a world where wellbeing wins for all and champions positive psychology’s potential, this white paper guides toward a future where the autism community has equal access to the science and skills of wellbeing. 

Download the full version of the white paper, and be sure to share it with those in your community!

P.S. Join Proof Positive’s Autism Wellbeing Alliance to collaborate with us to scale wellbeing solutions, tap into news at the forefront of autism and positive psychology, and access and share free resources to promote wellbeing. 

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