Explore the intersection of positive psychology and autism intervention by teaching your students all about Character Strengths!

Start Teaching!
This comprehensive bundle comes with everything you need to leverage Character Strengths in the classroom, including teaching slides, notes, and supplementary resources.

Teaching Plan

Learning Objectives

  • Students learn to receptively and expressively identify their Signature Strengths
  • Students learn to sort behaviors into “too much,” “too little,” and/or “just right” for each of their signature strengths
  • Students are able to identify activities they enjoy based on their strengths profile

Unit Lesson

  • Download the Google slides from above
  • Student instruction in slide format
  • Teacher’s Guide in speaker notes and also available as a Google doc
  • Download and copy printable materials for students from above
  • Begin Teaching Character Strengths!
    • Activity 1:   Introduction to Character Strengths
    • Activity 2:   Character Strengths Deep Dive
    • Activity 3:   Strengths in Action
    • Activity 4:   Strengths Superhero Shield
    • Activity 5:   Strengths Scavenger Hunt
    • Activity 6:   Strengths Reflection

Integration into Current Instruction

Modifications and Accommodations for Different Learning Levels