“The root of joy is gratefulness.”
— David Steindl-Rast —

For Your Family

Gift a Gratitude Letter

  • Consider writing and framing a gratitude letter or creating a visual gratitude scrapbook as a birthday or holiday gift. Once you have written and created your expression of gratitude, wrap it nicely and deliver it like you would any other gift.

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Write a Family Gratitude Letter

  • Come together as a family to write a letter to a person, place, or thing that has had a meaningful impact on your family. Brainstorm how your family has benefited from knowing this person, traveling to this place or having this thing. Get creative and have fun reminiscing about all the positives as you write this letter together.

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For Your School

Share Gratitude at Conferences

  • Let’s show our thanks during IEP meetings, teacher conferences and school meetings by delivering a gratitude letter. Have a staff member or student express gratitude by reading the gratitude letter to that person attending the meeting. Open the meeting by reading the gratitude letter to the parent/family member.

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Write a Gratitude Letter to the Community

  • Our schools are often the center of the community, and they rely on community support to function at their best. At a faculty meeting or during a PD day, have each school member (teacher, paraprofessional, counselor) write a gratitude letter to the community. This can be general or more specifically thanking one member of the community.

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For Your Community

Gratitude Letter Station Slips

  • Set up a gratitude letter station in a central location. This can be a community bulletin board or table with a box. Post instructions for writing a gratitude letter and place slips of paper next to the Gratitude Letter Station, where people write a note to someone like a student, teacher, or teammate who has positively impacted their life. When the box or bulletin board is full, declare it a Delivery Day. Designate a person to hand deliver the notes and spread joy to each recipient.

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Share a Gratitude Letter in your Newsletter

  • Above, we suggested having all school members write gratitude letters to the
    community. Now, it’s time to deliver them. Consider publishing the letters in your school newsletter, the local paper, or on social media. You might also put a call out for gratitude letters from the community to school members.