Use these activities to introduce What Went Well into your daily life, to improve physical health, and boost mental wellbeing.

  1. Gratitude Brainstorm
    Before you get started, spend a few minutes doing a Gratitude Brainstorm to get your gratitude baseline. For individuals new to this practice, it is common to focus on only one or two areas of gratitude. This resource will help you broaden your view of gratitude across multiple aspects of your life. Many find it helpful to revisit this activity once per month to see the impact of integrating What Went Well into their daily or weekly routines.
  1. What Went Well Journal
    Journaling about the good in life is a great foundation for practicing gratitude. Set aside 5-10 minutes each day and ask yourself, “What Went Well?” These can be small wins or big accomplishments. Your list can include the obviously positive (e.g., positive feedback from a boss), the silver lining moments (e.g., I hit traffic commuting but got to catch up with an old friend on the drive), or the absence of the negative (e.g., no one engaged in dangerous behavior in my classroom today).
  1. Hear the Good
    One way negativity comes into our lives is from what we hear from those around us. To shift what you are hearing and attempt to hear more good news, start asking others, “What Went Well?” when you first greet them. It might sound like, “What went well for you this weekend?” or “What went well at school today?” Take a moment to reflect on what changes in your relationships when you begin asking What Went Well of others.
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