Introduce Jolts of Joy into daily life using these activities to cultivate positive emotions in YOU.

Boost Your Positivity Ratio
Research shows we need three positive emotions for every negative emotion to flourish in life. Few situations are 100% bad. Practice finding the upside.

Positivity Ratio Image

Make Your Jolts of Joy List

  • Jot down 10-15 quick and easy activities that induce positive emotions for you. Aim to identify triggers for EACH of The BIG 10 Positive emotions — joy, amusement, interest, awe, gratitude, pride, serenity, inspiration, hope, and love.
  • Post the list where you will see it frequently and be reminded to boost your positivity by accessing regular Jolts of Joy.
  • Set alarms on your phone that remind you to practice one of your Jolts of Joy up to five times per day.

Start Your Joy Journal

  • Write down and reflect on each time you felt a positive emotion throughout the day. Who was present? What happened? What benefits did you feel from experiencing the positive emotion?