Use these activities to take an inventory of your PERMA+ Snapshot so you can improve all six aspects of your wellbeing.

  1. The PERMA+ Snapshot
    Start tracking your wellbeing now by completing a PERMA+ Snapshot today. Once you see how you are doing and feeling across each of the six elements critical to wellbeing, you can choose where to focus. Maybe you want to enhance an element you are rated highly in — go for it! You might see an element that is lower than you would like. If so, pick a wellbeing skill known to target that element and see if you start feeling better. Designate a weekly time to take your PERMA+ Snapshot over the next four weeks so you can regularly reflect on what is going well and which areas may need some attention.
  1. Personalize Your PERMA+ Snapshot
    While the entire PERMA+ framework is essential for everyone, the ways each person thinks about, experiences and rates themselves across each element varies. This activity will allow you to explore what each wellbeing element looks, sounds, and feels like for you. From there, you will personalize your PERMA+ Snapshot by reflecting on the range of each element in your life and attaching anchor words to those experiences.
  1. Create a PERMA+ Snapshot Blueprint
    Tracking your wellbeing is important, but taking action is how you will impact your wellbeing overtime. Whether your PERMA+ Snapshot is good and you are looking to make it great, or your Snapshot is low and you are hoping to feel better, you can! Create a PERMA+ Snapshot Blueprint that outlines the actions you will take or the happiness skills you will practice to take control of your wellbeing and boost your PERMA+ Snapshot.