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Image of a young man - National Research Consortium

Proud to Join the National Research Consortium

Proof Positive’s mission is to spread the science and skills of happiness. We encourage you to visit our Skills page and join us in implementing effective practices to improve your wellbeing. We are committed to promoting effective, evidence-informed wellbeing practices. This brings us to the second aspect of our mission – science. We promote evidence-informed…

EPIC Honor recipients

Proof Positive Receives an EPIC Honor

Proof Positive has been so privileged to work with The EPIC school. The hardworking educators and students on the school campus work with the Proof Positive team to develop and refine the Skills that when practiced make a positive difference in the lives of autistic individuals and those who love them. Together EPIC and Proof…

Headshot of Katie Curran, MAPP

Katie Curran Guest of ReThink Webinar

Forbes may have said it best, the future of work is wellbeing. No surprise that wellbeing has become a focus of the workplace as we have all weathered a worldwide pandemic, continued economic unrest, and a rapidly changing work environment. Today’s workforce is interested and needs access to resources to implement the skills of wellbeing…